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GNSS Software for Demanding Applications

GPS Solutions, Inc. (GPSS), established in 1991 and part of Hexagon since 2016,  is a developer of GNSS data analysis software for the most accurate and challenging applications. In addition to providing consulting and GNSS data analysis services, the company licenses a complete suite of GNSS software for real-time and post processing applications.  The software system is used for a wide variety of applications.  GPS Solutions developed and implemented the real-time global orbit and clock corrections software system used by our sister company Veripos.  The RTES/RTNet software package also provides real-time and post-processing analysis of GNSS network data for deformation monitoring, generation of virtual reference station (network RTK) data, generation of space state representation (SSR) corrections, zenith tropospheric delay and slant delay monitoring for weather forecasting, and ionosphere corrections.  At the server side the software is used to generate results and provide correction services. At the client side our RTRover software is used for real-time analysis, optionally reading the server-provided corrections, and running on mobile platforms such as Android phones.

In addition to the company’s core consulting and software development and licensing business, GPSS is pursuing several other activities including:  Cloud-based GNSS network RTK services;  oil platform and seismic station deformation monitoring;  numerical weather forecasting utilizing GPS water vapor data assimilation for improved forecasts (;  real-time precision orbit determination for low-Earth orbiting satellites that carry GNSS receivers.

         GPSS staff

GPS Solutions Inc. is managed by Dr. Christian Rocken.  Christian Rocken received his PhD in geophysics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is a Fulbright scholar whose research has been focused on applications of high accuracy GPS to atmospheric sensing, tectonic studies and surveying. Dr. Rocken was chief scientist at UNAVCO and later for the COSMIC radio occultation satellite mission at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). Since 2012 he is focusing his efforts on GPS Solutions Inc. He is a co-founder and President of GPS Solutions Inc. He is author/co-author of about 50 peer-reviewed papers and holds 6 U.S. patents.

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