Sub-Centimeter Standalone fully Kinematic Positioning



PPP positioning with ambiguity resolution (PPPAR) can achieve sub-cm horizontal positioning results for fully kinematic client receivers. Our software can be used in server mode to generate the PPPAR corrections and in client receiver mode to obtain the positions. Real-time and post-processing are available. Possible applications are deformation monitoring, co-seismic motion monitoring, precise motion tracking on land, in the air and at sea.

The main advantage of PPPAR over traditional RTK positioning is that it can achieve comparable accuracies but at distances of a thousand km or more from the reference network.


Test it on-line for free !

We are continuously generating PPPAR corrections based on data from a public network in the north-western US. If you have GNSS receiver streaming data you can connect it to our service and obtain PPPAR positions for your receiver. This service is available for free for demonstration purposes to users in the western US. For longer term monitoring we offer a subscription service.

To become a PPPAR service provider to for local, continental or global services you need to obtain a license for the RTnet software from GPSS.


PPP-AR Server Network

PPP-AR Server Network

The map above shows distribution of the UNAVCO PBO GPS network stations used for the generation of PPPAR corrections (blue) and test client stations (red). The example test client solutions are available at the pppar_UNAVCO demo page.


PPP-AR Client Solution


PPP-AR client solution

With PPPAR, precise coordinate monitoring with sub-cm accuracy is achievableWHile we test it by positioning static stations in kinematic mode it also work for moving platforms (ship and buoy, for example).

The primary advantage of PPPAR is that the client can be far outside the reference network client outside of the server network. Se for example the the Colorado station that is positioned with corrections from a reference network on the US West coast. The separation from the reference network is limited by the number of common satellites observed by client station and reference stations.

Archived PPP-AR real-time solutions are available in the link.

Please see references for details on the application: Mervart et al., 2008 (ION GNSS 2008) and Kanzaki et al., 2011 (ION GNSS+ 2011)


PPPAR with Fast Ambiguity Resolution

While PPPAR requires typically 15-30 minutes until ambiguity resolution has been achieved a processing scheme with fast ambiguity resolution makes ambiguity resolution within a few epochs after the start of client observation possible. This is ached with information on ionospheric delay and tropospheric delay from the server processing. The primary advantage of the PPPAR Fast is only one-way communication is required (network RTK requires 2-way communication). Similar to standard network RTK processing (see also RTRef), it only works for client stations inside or close to the server network.

Please see references for details on accuracy and application: Mervart et al., 2013 (ION GNSS+ 2013)


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