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The following pages provide a brief introduction how a user can configure a service. In addition a 3-part video tutorial is available at:


Delivering Network RTK Corrections in the Cloud

RTRef is a software system to provide GNSS network corrections for accurate positioning. The system includes a web-based interface for easy configuration of the system, for authorizing end-users, and for monitoring its performance. A network RTK service can be configured in a few short minutes. Key advantages of the system of traditional network RTK software are:

Performance (position quality) comparable or better than other leading services

  • Network operator /service provider does not need to purchase software
  • Network operator / service provider does not need to learn how to operate software
  • No need to maintain and upkeep processing center computers
  • No need to upgrade software i.e. for new satellite constellations
  • Focus on end customer support and reference station operation

The system was first introduced at the GNSS+ ION 2013 conference in Nashville and the paper is available at https://www.ion.org/gnss/pdf.cfm?fid=2310 (need ION account or ION GNSS+ 2013 registration information).


RTRef Manager

RTRef Manager

RTRef_manager is a web based interface for configuring the network RTK service and for monitoring its performance and customer activity.

RTRef Manager

RTRef_Manger offers several diagnostics and graphics to monitor the performance of the reference stations and networks.


Inquiry on RTRef service (worldwide):

Please contact with email: info@gps-solutions.com .