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Processing and Solutions

Stations in UNAVCO network used for server processing of satellite clock estimation (blue solid circles) and client processing (P121 with red solid boxes).

Coordinate Estimate
Real-time ZTD (top panel) and height (bottom panel) kinematic solution (a priori coordinate came from Bancroft solution) for client station P121. Satellite clock is generated in the server template input file RT_NET_SRV-SATCLK_GF_L3_REGIONAL_IGU.

Sample data and Setting

Item/Parameters Notes and Setting
Processing PPP client RTK processing
Purpose Real-time deformation monitoring of the moving platform.
Stations UNAVCO PBO stations: P121
  => Link to UNAVCO PBO station map
(Please use the template file by replacing the stations).
Real-time Processing Start time: MJD 56399.72 (2013/04/17)
Used data GPS phase IF (ionosphere free)
Get data UNAVCO data is open to registerd users (please see Data in UNAVCO website.
Satellite products IGU orbit (predcited part) stored (synced with IGS server) in local server is used for real-time processing.
Setting in processing P121 is processed with 1Hz.
Constrain A priori coordinate 100m (Bancroft solution), Coordinate change 100m/s, ZTD 1e-5 m/s
Processing cost N/A
SSR Input (local server, port 8211, please refer setting in server input file to get server correction)
Validation Repeatability of coordinate solutions (reference is a priori coordinate).

RTES Setting for Real-time processing

Some files for real-time data processing have detailed information on GNSS stations. Special password is required to download these files (shadowed boxes).

Item/Parameters Files Notes and Setting
Start RTES rtes_v4_unavco_2013-04_xml rt_epoch_server.sh -I tes_v4_unavco_2013-04_xml > /dev/null 2>&1 &
Add stations start_all_unavco_2013-04_xml rtes_batch_v4 -H -p 6100 -I start_all_unavco_2013-04_xml