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Processing and Solutions

Track of ship used for processing.

ZTD and Height Estimate for Ship
ZTD (top), horizontal coordinate (left), and height (right) solutions for the GPS on the ship in Osaka bay.

Sample data and Setting

Item/Parameters Notes and Setting
Processing PPP processing
Purpose ZTD, position, and geoid monitoring for the ships (moving platform).
Stations GPS station on ship in Osaka bay.
(Please use the template file by replacing the stations).
Processing time window 2011/09/05 00:00-24:00 GPST
(Please use the template file by cahnging the time-window setting).
Used data GPS phase L3 (IF: Ionosphere free) , 30 sec. processing
Get data Ship GPS data observed by Kobe university.
Redistribution is restricted.
Satellite products IGS final orbit and high rate (30 sec.) clock (any standard products can be used, see products available publicly.
Setting in processing PPP kinematic processing (a priori coordinate for each epoch comes from Bancroft solution )
Constrain coordinate 100m/s, ZTD 1e-5 m/s
Processing cost About 1 minute
Validation Compare RTNet ZTD data with meteorological observation dta such as radio sonde ZTD. Validate solutions at fixed station with setting of the same constrain.