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Processing and Solutions

GEONET 0062 station used for PPP processing.

ZTD Estimate
ZTD estimates at GEONET 0062 station based on PPP processing with satellite clock estimated by RTNet with template input file PP_NET_SRV-SATCLK_GF_L3_IGU.

Sample data and Setting

Item/Parameters Notes and Setting
Processing PPP ZTD processing
Purpose Monitor ZTD and coordinate based on satellite clock estimated with RTNet.
Stations Geonet station 0062
(Please use the template file by replacing the stations).
Processing time window 2012/03/01 00:00 GPST ~ 2012/03/0 21:00 GPST
(Please use the template file by cahnging the time-window setting).
Used data GPS phase L3 (IF: Ionosphere free), code MW
Get data Redistribution is restricted.
Please your own observation data or get data from GSI.
Satellite products RTNet satellite clock estimates.
Setting in processing Client station coordinates are estimated kinematically.
Constrain A priori coordinate 100m, Coordinate change 100m/s, ZTD 1e-5 m/s
Processing cost About 20 minutes
Validation Compare GNSS-ZTD with those from independent meteorological observation such as radiosonde.