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Processing and Solutions

Network used for PPP-AR server processing.

Server Performance

Ratio of fixed ambiguities in PPP-AR server processing.

Sample data and Setting

Item/Parameters Notes and Setting
Processing Netywork server processing for PPP-AR
Purpose Generation of PPP-AR correction based on regional network.
Stations GEONET 14 stations.
(Please use the template file by replacing the stations).
Processing time window 2012/03/01 00 GPST ~ 2012/03/02 06 GPST
(Please use the template file by cahnging the time-window setting).
Used data GPS phase L3(IF), code MW, Process every 5 sec. with 1Hz data
Get data Data was purchased from NGDS.
Satellite products IGU SP3 (any standard products can be used, see products available publicly.
Setting in processing All station coordinates are fixed with a-priori coordinates (estimated with PPP before processing).
Constrain ZTD 1e-5 m/s
Processing cost About 1 hour 30 minutes
Validation Evaluate repeatability of PPP-AR client coordinate solutions. Check seismic wave, Check ambiguity fixed ratio.