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Processing and Solutions

GPS stations in NRCAN used for network processing. PTAL station (solid red box) is fixed.

Coordinate Estimate
Kinematic coordinate solution for NANO.

Sample data and Setting

Item/Parameters Notes and Setting
Processing Network
Purpose Kinematic deformation monitoring of network stations.
Stations 14 stations in NRCAN. 5 sec. sampling data.
(Please use the template file by replacing the stations).
Processing time window 2011/08/10 00:00-21:00 GPST
(Please use the template file by cahnging the time-window setting).
Used data GPS phase L1/L2, code P1/P2
Get data Redistribution is restricted.
Please your own observation data or data available publicly.
Satellite products IGU SP3 file (any standard products can be used, see products available publicly.
Setting in processing PTAL is fixed, and coordinate for other stations are estimated.
Constrain A priori coordinate 1m, Coordinate change 1m/s, ZTD 1e-5 m/s
Processing cost About 2 hours
Validation Comparison of coordinate solution with reference coordinates (a priori coordinate).